Essays in Nature is Enough

(*Included in the selections on this site)

*Preface:  Streams and Visions

Section One:  NATURE

Essay One:  Pathfinding

*Essay Two:  Dirty Glaciers

*Essay Three:  Eulogy for a Pond

Essay Four:  I Sing the Body Electricity

*Essay Five:  The Phone Tree

Essay Six:  Lessons from the Top of a Tree

Essay Seven:  Nature’s Scripture

Essay Eight:  Natural Economics

Essay Nine:  Life is Too Short


*Essay Ten:  The End of Spirituality

*Essay Eleven: When I Knew God

Essay Twelve: Engaging the Culture of Christianism

Essay Thirteen: Prayer

Essay Fourteen: Jesus Was Not a Christian

Essay Fifteen: Why I Am Not an A-theist (or a Theist)

Essay Sixteen: By the Hands of Nature

*Essay Seventeen: Jesus’ Penis

Essay Eighteen: Christmas Baby

Essay Nineteen: God is Green

Essay Twenty: Simply Secular

*Essay Twenty-One: Imagining

Section Three: CURRENTS

Essay Twenty-Two: Looking for America

Essay Twenty-Three: Memory Holes

*Essay Twenty-Four: Ptolemy’s Ghost

*Essay Twenty-Five: Blowing Myself Up

Essay Twenty-Six: Nine Eleven Eleven

Essay Twenty-Seven: Where Are the Leaders?

Essay Twenty-Eight: Death of the American Scholar

Essay Twenty-Nine: Disability and Responsibility

Essay Thirty: Green Village

*Essay Thirty-One: The Lemonade Well

Section Four: LAST THINGS

Essay Thirty-Two: Lessons My Father Taught Me

*Essay Thirty-Three: The Old Mailbox

Essay Thirty-Four: A Touch of Death

*Epilogue: Wonder:  Touching Snakes (and Other Wildness)

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