Chris Highland is the author of something like 12 books (if you count his online publications that include the poetry collection, “Edge of the Falls” and the children’s book, “The Greatest Tree”).  His books cover ground between Nature meditations and creative service, “presence” and teaching. All of his books are enhanced by his personal photographs of the only world we know and can love (if we choose).

May 2008 062

Chris was a Protestant Minister for a number of years before walking out the (heavy, locked and guarded) stained-glass doors into the fresh air, sunlight and predictable storms.  He was an Interfaith Chaplain for many years where he learned from those who are outcast, marginalized, ignored or forgotten by their “community” and country and most congregations.   He continues to teach, to write and to explore the delightful and wondrous wilderness beyond faith and spirituality.  For six years he managed an innovative cooperative of houses for people in their elder years.  He now teaches and writes in Western North Carolina.

Chris writes the weekly “Highland Views” column for the Citizen-Times (USA Today affiliate).  He has written essays for a long time, mostly publishing on his blogs and occasionally on websites such as Patheos, State of Formation and such. He regularly submits ideas to The Clergy Project, a forum for former and current clergy.  He sometimes enjoys leaving comments on news sites such as CNN, the NYT, HuffPost and even FAUX “news.”  He’s certainly a fan of John Oliver, Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert.

The 34-odd essays in Nature is Enough reflect Chris’ playfully serious search for goodness and sanity in a “world of faith” where the book of reason is often nudged off the dusty shelves heavy with “holy books.”  The reader might keep in mind that Chris is not anti-God or anti-faith but pro-Good and pro-freethought.  He appreciates his lifelong relationships with people who have faith and those who do not.  He enjoys respectful discussion and reasonable debate over issues of the natural and super-natural.  Yet, he does have an “edge” and some are not very amused while others are offended by his forthrightness, sarcasm and, as he sees it, truthtelling.

Nature is Enough is simply the latest means Chris has chosen to speak from his experience and to invite deeper reflection on matters that inspire and agitate our world.  More than anything, he hopes his essays call people back down to earth, Nature, our incredible home.

Feel free (since it’s a Free Book) to make contact or comment anywhere on this site.

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